Film Permits in Decatur

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Permit Guidelines for Film, Video and Photo Shoots

Please print out and complete: Film permit request (PDF)

These guidelines should be followed by any individual or company interested in film production or photography on property in the City of Decatur. The guidelines are subject to change and may be enforced as stipulations of a film permit.

1. Request permission to use property for film production or photography at least 96 hours in advance of production.

2. Please complete and submit the film permit request to the Special Events Office at P.O. Box 220, Decatur, GA 30031.

3. Contact affected business and property owners and obtain their permission to use surrounding property. Compensation may be necessary if business and home environments are greatly disrupted. Please contact residents in writing.

4. If permission is granted by the city, a written permit will be issued including time, date and location of filming and acceptable activities within the scope of the permit.  

5. The City of Decatur logo may not be included in the film without written permission from the Decatur city commission.

6. If streets are to be blocked or traffic disrupted in any manner, police officers must be scheduled at a minimum of three hours per day for City of Decatur officers. The cost is $50/hour for non-profits and $65/hour for for-profits. This arrangement can be made through Ana Youngblood of the Decatur Police Department at 404-373-6551. DeKalb County police officers may be scheduled at 404-294-2501.

7. Upon receipt of the permit, the production company must provide a certificate of insurance naming the City of Decatur as an additional insured. The city requires an insurance policy rider for general liability and worker’s compensation for $1,000,000 each occurrence and aggregate with endorsement naming the City of Decatur as additional insured.

8. The city shall require the production company to have a copy of the permit on site at all times.

9. Upon completion of work, all materials and debris shall be entirely removed and the right-of-way left in a condition satisfactory to the director of public works.

10. Emergency vehicle access shall be maintained at all times.



Permit Fees: $200 per day
Parking Fees: $20 per metered space or $20 per nine feet of curb frontage; $500 per space on E. Ponce
City of Decatur Police: $65/hour, or $50/hour for non-profits
City Park: $500 per day
Recreation Center & Ebster Gym: $500 per day
Street closure fee: $500  


Additional Resources

City of Decatur noise ordinance

For additional information, please contact Shirley Baylis, 404-553-6573, or fax 404-371-1593